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Forum Thread: Add New Thread

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Posted on: 10/31/12 3:33 PM

User 5163
Joined: 6/1/2012
Posts: 198
Add New Thread
Add New Thread
Within the Forum, you can add a new thread to begin a new discussion in one of the provided topics. 

Posting a New Thread
To post a new a new thread, click the “New Thread” link. This brings you to the “Create Thread and Add New Post” page.

Since you start the conversation in your thread, you will choose a name for your thread and a subject for your first post inside the thread. You are really just posting a new post under a new thread name.

Creating your post body should be simple with the variety of available tools. You can change the font of your text; bold, italicize and underline; spell check; and even print a final copy for your records. You also have the ability to use your own HTML.

Sharing a Video in a Post
If you want to share a video that supports the content of your post, you can also click the “Video” tab, then click “Upload Video” to begin.

First click the “Choose File” button to find the proper file on your computer. Once you find the video, click “Open” and then “Upload”.

The upload time may vary depending on the file size and length of your video, but once it uploads, you can close the window. If you see a “Your video is processing” message, just return in a few minutes, and the video should be there.

Completing Your Post
Once you’ve completed your post, click “Save Post” beneath the Post Body box. Your post will appear in your new thread with any added videos at the end of the text.

Editing or Deleting Your Post
If you want to change your post, you can edit or delete it as long as no one has quoted or replied to it yet. Simply click on the “Edit” or “Delete” buttons at the top of the post.

Rate a Video
To rate a video with Perfect Pitch, click on the “Rate Video” link next to any video. A large window will pop up.

Click the video play button and regularly move the rating bar below the video to match your opinion while it plays. Continually changing the bar will record different scores for different parts of the video, providing the most detailed feedback.

To view the video’s ratings, click on “Click Here to Review Video Ratings” in the rating window or click the “Ratings” link next to “Rate Video” on the website page.

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