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Forum Thread: What's happening with May presentation info?

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Posted on: 1/22/15 10:53 AM

User C447
Joined: 7/22/2014
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Waiting for update...

Two weeks ago, at the meeting with the Common Pool and City representatives, a number of team representatives expressed concern about the newly required and vague May presentations. Among the concerns were the fairness of having the presentations spread over a period of weeks and questions about to whom they would be made, will they be public or private and the venue, all factors that would affect planning, preparation and cost for teams.

These questions remain unanswered. When can we expect to have these addressed?

As was noted at the meeting, Greensboro was the first to go forward with this contest. It started in 2012. One would think that with so much time, the City would not still be making it up as it goes along, that the details of these presentations would not still be up in the air at this late stage. In fairness to the teams, can we please get some answers?



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